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May / Jun 2023 Tendril
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Article Index
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Form: Membership Form - 23May(7)
Hold These Dates - 23May(7)
How to Enter Open Classes in Ag-Hort at the Ind. State Fair 2023 - 23May(3)
IGS Events - 23May(7)
IGS/AGS Judges' Course - 23May(1)
Indiana Gourd Show Competition Winners - 23May(3)
Membership Form - 23May(7)
New Judge's Class (Phil Moorhead) - 23May(3)
Patch Contacts - 23May(4)
Patch News: Central Indiana (Diane Werblo) - 23May(2)
Patch News: Gourd Crafters (Lois Wright) - 23May(2)
Patch News: Linda's Gourd Patch (Peggy Robertson) - 23May(2)
Patch News: Sugar Creek (Karen Niemeyer) - 23May(2)
Patch Schedules - 23May(1)
Photos from State Show - 23May(5,6)
President's Message (Pat Moore) - 23May(1)
Road Trips - 23May(7)
Silent Auction Winners - 23May(3)
Ways-Means - 23May(4)

People Index
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Alexander, Carla - 23May(3)
Bascom, Fran - 23May(3)
Bechtold, Denise - 23May(2,3)
Bennett, Jim - 23May(1,2,3)
Bolte, Rosey - 23May(2)
Brannin, Lydia - 23May(3)
Fife, Michelle - 23May(2,3)
Flesher, Roxanne - 23May(2)
Flowers, Marilyn - 23May(2)
Gates, Shirley - 23May(4,8)
Gillentine, RoJene - 23May(2,3,8)
Hill, Rosemary - 23May(3,4)
Hill, Russ - 23May(3)
Howell, Martha - 23May(2)
Johnson, Mary - 23May(2)
Kearby, Laura - 23May(3)
McCrary, Mac - 23May(2)
Miller, Honey Bear - 23May(3)
Miller, Mary - 23May(3)
Mohringer, Sally - 23May(2,3)
Moore, Pat - 23May(1,1a,5p,8)
Moorhead, Phil - 23May(2,3,3a,5p,8)
Niemeyer, Karen - 23May(2,2a,4,8)
Riley, Marylou - 23May(3)
Robertson, Peggy - 23May(1,2,2a,3,4)
St. Clair, Susan - 23May(2)
Story, Jim - 23May(3,4)
Thomas, Helen - 23May(3,4,4p,8)
Townsend, Sandra - 23May(2,5p,8)
Townsend, Tim - 23May(3,5p)
Uhrick, Sandy - 23May(2)
Werblo, Diane - 23May(1,2,2a,4,5p,8)
West, Joyce - 23May(2)
West, Robert - 23May(2)
Westhues, Sue - 23May(2)
White, Kim - 23May(3)
Whitted, Becky - 23May(2)
Wright, Lois - 23May(1,2,2a,4)


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