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V30, #1
Jan/Feb, 2022
Printable (4,339K)
Jan/Feb, 2022
V30, #2
Mar/Apr, 2022
Printable (3,431K)
Mar/Apr, 2022
V30, #3
May/Jun, 2022
Printable (1,936K)
May/Jun, 2022
V30, #4
Jul/Aug, 2022
Printable (3,374K)
Jul/Aug, 2022
Article Index
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Answers to Gourd Quiz - 22Jan(7)
Are your dues up-to-date? - 22May(4)
Flier: Cover Page of 2022 State Show Competition Booklet - 22Mar(3) 22May(3)
Form: Membership Form - 22Jan(5) 22Mar(5) 22May(5) 22Jul(5)
Form: Vendor Application - 22Jan(4) 22Mar(4)
Form: Workshop Instructor Application - 22Jan(3)
Gourd Quiz - 22Jan(6)
Hold These Dates - 22Jan(5) 22Mar(5) 22May(5) 22Jul(5)
IGS Events - 22Jan(5) 22Mar(5) 22May(5) 22Jul(5)
IGS Executive Board & Board of Directors - 22Jan(8) 22Mar(8) 22May(8) 22Jul(8)
Images from our first State Gourd Show after the Pandemic - 22Jul(4)
Indiana State Fair Info (Diane Werblo) - 22May(4) 22Jul(3)
Judges Class Finally Meeting (Phil Moorhead) - 22Jan(6)
Judges Class Finally Meeting (Phil Moorhead) - 22Mar(6)
Map: Fulton Co Historical Society - 22Mar(7)
Map: Fulton Co Historical Society - 22May(7)
Membership Form - 22Jan(5) 22Mar(5) 22May(5) 22Jul(5)
New AGS Certified Judges (Phil Moorhead) - 22May(6)
New Web Site Design - 22Jan(7)
Passing of Member: Bill Freihofer - 22May(1)
Passing of Member: Ray Nixon - 22Mar(1)
Passing of Member: Richard Ryan - 22May(1)
Passing of Member: Sid Meyers - 22Mar(1)
Patch Contacts - 22Jan(6) 22Mar(6) 22May(6) 22Jul(6)
Patch News: Central Indiana Patch (Diane Werblo) - 22Jan(2) 22Mar(2) 22May(2) 22Jul(2)
Patch News: Linda's Gourd Patch (Peggy Robertson) - 22Jan(2) 22Mar(2) 22May(2) 22Jul(2)
Patch News: Sugar Creek and Thorn Tree Gourd Patches (Karen Niemeyer) - 22Jan(2) 22Mar(2) 22May(2) 22Jul(2)
Patch Schedules - 22Jan(1) 22Mar(1) 22May(1) 22Jul(1)
Poem: Gourd War (Bill Taylor) - 22Jan(7)
President's Message (Pat Moore) - 22Jan(1) 22Mar(1) 22May(1) 22Jul(1)
Quiz Update - 22Mar(6)
Road Trips - 22Jan(5) 22Mar(5) 22May(5) 22Jul(5)
Show Committee Meeting / Board Meeting - 22Jan(1)
Vendor Application Form - 22Jan(4) 22Mar(4)
Volunteer at the State Fair! - 22Jul(5)
Ways & Means - 22Jan(2) 22Mar(2) 22May(2) 22Jul(6)
Winners at the 2022 Indiana State Gourd Show - 22Jul(6)
Workshop Instructor Application Form - 22Jan(3)

People Index
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Bair, Ron - 22Jan(7)
Ballard, Jim - 22Jan(7)
Bascom, Frances - 22May(6)
Bechtold, Denise - 22Jan(1,2) 22Mar(1) 22May(2)
Bloom, Jim - 22Jul(6)
Clark, Verona - 22Jan(6) 22Mar(6) 22May(6) 22Jul(6)
Conway, Aurelia - 22Jan(2) 22Mar(6) 22May(6)
Conway, Aurelia [in W&M] - 22Jan(2) 22Mar(2) 22May(2) 22Jul(6)
Dankowski, Joyce (IL) - 22Jan(7) 22Mar(7)
DeHaven, Kirsten - 22Jan(7)
Dickinson, Connie - 22Mar(2)
Dillard, Bob - 22Jan(7)
Dillard, Emily - 22Jul(2)
Dougherty, Rosemary - 22Jan(7)
Fife, Michelle - 22May(6) 22Jul(6)
Freihofer, Bill - 22May(1,1m)
Garns, Howard - 22Mar(7)
Gates, Shirley - 22Jan(6,8) 22Mar(6,8) 22May(6,8) 22Jul(6,8)
Gillentine, RoJene - 22Jan(8) 22Mar(8) 22May(8) 22Jul(8)
Heiser, Dr. Charles - 22Mar(6)
Hill, Rosemary - 22Jan(6) 22Mar(6) 22May(2,6) 22Jul(2,6)
Hilton, Leo - 22May(6) 22Jul(6)
Johnson, Mary - 22Jan(2) 22Mar(2) 22Jul(2)
Kennedy, Ida - 22Jan(7) 22May(6) 22Jul(6)
Kingen, Phyllis - 22May(2)
Long, Jean - 22Mar(2) 22May(2) 22Jul(2)
McCrary, Mac - 22Jan(2) 22Mar(2) 22May(2) 22Jul(2)
Meyers, Sid - 22Jan(7) 22Mar(1,1m)
Moore, Pat - 22Jan(1,1a,3,7,8) 22Mar(1,1a,8) 22May(1,1a,4,6,8) 22Jul(1,1a,4p,6,8)
Moorhead, Phil - 22Jan(2,8) 22Mar(2,6,6a,8) 22May(2,5,6,6a,8) 22Jul(1,6,8)
Niemeyer, Karen - 22Jan(2,2a,6,7,8) 22Mar(2,2a,6,7,7a,8) 22May(2,2a,6,8) 22Jul(2,2a,6,8)
Nixon, Ray - 22Mar(1,1m)
Norris, Nancy - 22Jan(7)
Parker, Lee - 22Jan(7)
Pressel, Loretta - 22Jan(7)
Robertson, Peggy - 22Jan(1,2,2a,6) 22Mar(1,2,2a,6) 22May(1,2,2a,6) 22Jul(1,2,2a,6)
Ryan, Richard - 22May(1,1m)
Shutt, Guy - 22Mar(2)
Stankiewiez, Ann - 22May(2) 22Jul(2)
Story, Jim - 22Jan(1) 22Mar(1) - 22Jul(6)
Story, Jim [in W&M] - 22Jan(2) 22Mar(2) 22May(2) 22Jul(6)
Stropky, Sandy - 22May(6)
Sturgeon, John - 22Jan(7)
Taylor, Bill - 22Jan(7,7a)
Thomas, Helen - 22Jan(8) 22Mar(8) 22May(6,8) - 22Jul(8)
Thompson, Jill - 22May(2) 
Townsend, Sandra - 22Jan(1,8) 22Mar(8) 22May(6,8) 22Jul(8)
Uhrick, Sandy - 22Jul(6)
Wainscott, Denny - 22Jan(7)
Wallace, Emily - 22Jul(2)
Werblo, Diane - 22Jan(1,2,2a,4,6,8) 22Mar(2,2a,4,6,8) 22May(2,2a,4,4a,6,8) 22Jul(1,2,2a,3,3a,5,6,8)
Westhues, Sue - 22Jul(6) 22Mar(6,6a)
Wright, Lois - 22Jan(1,6) 22Mar(1,6) 22May(1,6) 22Jul(1,6) 

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