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Indiana Gourd Society 2014 State Gourd Show
Vendors Coming to the Show

(Updated 4-8-14)
Vendor Selling
Giraffes Laff Art & Gourds (Briscoe) Gourd Art & gourd crafting supplies
LadyJ Designs (Dankowski) Saws, Woodburners, assorted electric gourd tools, dyes, gourd decorating Items
Lady of the Forest Gourd Art (Benedict) Gourds with clay embelishments, bowls, vases, people, misc.
Kent's Cucurbits (Kent) Cleaned gourds: kettle, canteen, African Wine Kettle, Martin House
Ghost Creek Gourds (Martin) Dried, Clean gourds
Serendipity Gourd Art (Helton) Kits, weaving material, fiber
Blue Whale Arts (Reed) Gourd art supplies, finished art and cleaned gourds (small ones)
Hart's Gourds (Hart) Cleaned dried gourds
Mission With Gourds (Ballard) Crafted gourds, birdhouses
Nana's Katie Pie Outside food concession
Sue Westhues Wide variety of decorative and functional gourd art including: Birds, Toys, Instruments, Mobiles, Masks, Ornaments, Outdoor Art, and one-of-a-kind articles
Gourd Haven (DeHaven) Gourd craft, art patterns, some supplies
Sandlady's Gourd Farm Clean dry gourds
Quarry Farms Gourds (Miller) Gourd seeds, gourds, gourd crafts, bowls, birdhouses, gourd plants
Pressel's Gourds (Pressel) Woodburned art, basic supplies: beads, thread, drumskins, etc
J & S Distributors (Ferrell) Birdhouses, birdfeeders, dried floral arrangements using gourds, framed dry flowers, etc
Percy Medina Gourds (Medina) Gourd art: finely hand carved, burned and decorated gourds
Gourd Sisters (Butler & Shawver) Gourd art, gourd T-shirts, gourd-themed bags
Pumpkin Hollow (Dalton) Dried gourds

Indiana Gourd Society 2014 State Gourd Show
Workshop Seats Remaining (in green)

(Updated 4-15-14)
Code Title Instructor MaxSeats Seats Remaining
FRI-1 Bang Your Drum CANCELLED Karen Hundt-Brown    
FRI-2 Chip Carved Birdhouse CANCELLED James Bennett    
FRI-3 Poppies a'Bloomin Sherry Briscoe 10 5
FRI-4 Asian-Inspired Gourd with Washi Paper Collage CANCELLED Terry Noxel    
FRI-5 Wild Wire Weaving on Gourds Marla Helton 14 6
FRI-6 Metallic Rub-ons and Coiling on a Gourd Marla Helton 16 12
FRI-7 The Magical Mobile Sue Westhues 12 11
SAT-1 Chip Carved Gourd Vase CANCELLED James Bennett    
SAT-2 Faux Finishing Techniques on Gourds Sherry Briscoe 10 0
SAT-3 Shakeree Necklace Delaina DeHaven 12 11
SAT-4 Geometric Wood Burned Necklaces CANCELLED Karen-Hundt-Brown    
SAT-5 Shine a Little Light Blanche Murrin 20 19
SAT-6 Decoupage Sunflower Fruit Bowl Blanche Murrin 20 17
SAT-7 Coiling on a Gourd Susie Billingsley 14 8
SAT-8 Cut-out Leaves with Carved or Wood Burned Accents Alice Pawlowski 12 8
SAT-9 Tool of the Trade CANCELLED Karen Hundt-Brown    
SAT-10 Rattle for Rain Judy Herring 10 7
SAT-11 Snowball Delaina DeHaven 14 14
SAT-12 Ink Ornaments Delaina DeHaven 15 11
SUN-1 Stippling, the Victoria Art Form CANCELLED Karen Hundt-Brown    
SUN-2 Powered Pigments & Coiling on Gourds Marla Helton 16 11
SUN-3 Braided Leather Rim on Gourd Bowl CANCELLED Terry Noxel    
SUN-4 Farm in Winter - Birdhouse Delaina DeHaven 15 14
SUN-5 Native American Shield with Rawhide Rim Sherry Briscoe 10 8