Indiana Gourd Society
at the Indiana State Fair - 2018

A note from Diane Werblo, 2018 IGS state fair coordinator:
I hope you are coming to the Indiana State Fair (ISF) which lasts 17 days from August 3-19, 2018. I also hope that for a free $8 ticket you are willing to sit in air-conditioned comfort for at least four hours on at least one hot day to help IGS. Good deal! Several of us discovered the Indiana Gourd Society at the State Fair. Many people who signed our "Tell Me More" sheet last year have joined IGS. We hope to keep informing the public about gourds, but we need your help to do it. If you are willing to help, please contact Diane P. Werblo, 317-783-1428,, and I'll get you on the 2018 volunteer sign-up sheet. I'll post the info on the IGS Facebook page. We are also accepting donations of (preferably) cleaned spinners, egg gourds, and shards for the craft area. You can bring them to ISF with you, or drop them off at my house, 820 Cameron St., Indpls, IN 46203, or make arrangement for me to pick them up. Last year IGS gave away over 1000 spinners, 200 small gourds and 100's of gourd necklace pieces.

We need assistants from 9am to 9pm each day of the ISF. If you are new at helping at the IGS booth, other experienced volunteers will be there to help you get started. We don't expect you to know everything; we'll teach you how to point them in the right direction. This year I'm trying 2-hour shifts starting at 9-11am, 11am-1pm, 1-3pm, 3-5pm, 5-7pm & 7-9 pm. PLEASE allow for a 1/2 hour overlap! I'm asking that you give us 4-6 hours total in a day, but they don't have to be continuous. I want you to have fun, too.

Diane P. Werblo