2016 IGS State Show

Division 6 - Gallery

Class 78 - Small Gourd Gallery - three or more gourds, max 36 inch width


1st place: Carol Brown
1st place, Carol Brown


1st place: Kathy Voyles
1st place, Kathy Voyles


1st place: Betty Davis
1st place, Betty Davis

2nd place: Karen Brown
2nd place, Karen Brown

Class 79 - Large Gourd Gallery - five or more gourds, max 48 inch width


1st place: Theresa Marsan
1st place, Theresa Marsan


1st place: Karen Brown
1st place, Karen Brown

Class 80 - Group or Family Gourd gallery - three or more gourds, max 48 inch width - with 3x5 card about each artist and their contribution(s)


1st place: Central Indiana Patch
1st place, Central Indiana Patch

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