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Phil Hart

Phil Hart

d: Nov 24, 2020


Jim Story Manipulated Gourd Award -

Referenced in Tendril:

Audit Committee Report 2005 (Phil Hart) - 05Aug(5)
Gourd Patch (Phil/Jayne Hart) - 05Aug(11)
Passing of Another Long-time IGS Friend: Phil Hart - 21Nov(1)

Tendril Articles Authored:

Hart, Phil - 05Aug(5a), 05Aug(11a)

Tendril Articles Where Mentioned:

Hart, Phil - 10Apr(11), 11Dec(5), 12May(9,9p,14), 13May(7,7p), 14Nov(6), 15May(2,4,4g,5,5g,5p), 16Jan(4), 16Jul(7,7p), 16Sep(7), 17Mar(3), 17May(3), 17Jul(1,1g), 18Jan(6), 18Jul(5), 19Nov(2), 21Nov(1,1m,4)

Photos in Tendril:

Hart, Phil - 12May(9p), 13May(7p), 15May(5p), 16Jul(7p)

Best of Show Gourd, Dried, by Phil Hart - 15May(4g)
Best of Show Gourd, Jim Story Manipulated by Phil Hart - 15May(5g)
Double Knot on Single Gourd by Phil Hart - 17Jul(1g)

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