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Jim Story

Jim Story


Articles in Tendril:

2003 Flood at Jim Story’s Patch - 21Jul(2)
2004 IGS Show Gourd Breakfast (Jim Story) - 04Mar(12)
AGS Jim Story Award Update - 20Mar(7)
Come to the Indiana Gourd Show 2000 (Jim Story) - 00Mar(3)
Cucumber Beetle Control - My Way (Jim Story) - 98Jul(7)
Do You Know? (Jim Story) - 96Oct(7)
Do You Know? Here are a few Intriguing Questions (Jim Story) - 96Aug(2)
Donations (Jim Story) - 03Jan(12)
Dream Come True (Jim Story) - 99Jul(3)
Garden Notes (Jim Story) - 97Dec(5)
Gourd & Garden Notes (Jim Story) - 97Dec(4), 98Mar(5)
Gourd Art Classes (Jim Story) - 98May(9)
Gourd Cleaning (Jim Story) - 97Dec(5)
Gourd Contests (Jim Story) - 97Dec(4)
Gourd Insects (Jim Story) - 99Jul(4)
Gourd Notes (Jim Story) - 93Oct(1), 94May(2), 95Jun(3), 97Jan(4), 97Mar(3), 97Apr(3), 97Jul(3), 97Sep(5), 99Jul(4), 99Oct(4), 00Jan(10), 00May(7), 03Jan(9), 03Mar(8), 04Jun(9), 08Oct(8)
Gourd Seed Starting Tips (Jim Story) - 04Mar(9)
Gourd Seeds (Jim Story) - 97Dec(4)
Green Cleaning Gourds (Carolyn Rushton and Jim Story) - 00Oct(6)
Green Cleaning Gourds (Carolyn Rushton/Jim Story) - 08Aug(9), 15Nov(4), 19Nov(4)
Growing, Curing, Cleaning and Crafting Gourds (Jim Story) - 06Dec(2), 08Jan(9), 08Mar(4), 09Dec(10)
Here’s How You Can Help at the 2001 Indiana Gourd Show (Jim Story) - 01Mar(3)
How I Prune Gourd Vines (Jim Story) - 98Jul(4)
Insect Control (Jim Story) - 00May(7)
Jim Story Design General Rules: IGS Show Competition 2015 (Ruth Moorhead) - 14Nov(8)
Jim Story Items (Jim Story) - 98Jul(7)
Jim Story Memorial Award Competition - 09Oct(3)
Jim Story Tapes & DVDs - 08Oct(10)
Jim’s Top Seven - What You Can Do For IGS (Jim Story) - 04Mar(6)
Making and Using Gourd Molds (Jim Story) - 99May(9)
Making Gourd Flower Containers (Jim Story/Jim Ballard) - 05Dec(5)
Message from Glenn Burkhalter, Chairman of the AGS Jim Story Award (Glenn Burkhalter) - 14Nov(3)
More Quick Tips for Growers & Artists (Jim Story) - 05Feb(5)
New “Story Patch” (Emily Wallace) - 09Oct(9)
Notes from Jim Story (Jim Story) - 94Feb(2)
Other Half of the Story: Jim & Jane Story - 10Dec(9)
Pruning Gourd Plants (Jim Story) - 04Mar(8)
Pruning Gourd Vines (Jim Story) - 00May(7)
Quick Tips (Jim Story) - 07Jun(7)
Short Show Notes (Jim Story) - 04Mar(13)
Starting Gourd Seed (Jim Story) - 96Jun(1)
Starting Gourd Seeds (Jim Story) - 02Mar(11)
Story Gourd Patch Meeting - 10Feb(6)
Sunday Morning Gourd Breakfast (Jim Ballard/Jim Story) - 05Feb(14)
Tips for New Gourders (Jim Story) - 97Dec(5)
Training Gourd Vines (Jim Story) - 99Jul(4)
What You can do for the IGS (Jim Story) - 02Jan(10)

Tendril Articles Authored:

Story, Jim - 93Oct(1a), 94Feb(2a), 94May(2a), 95Jun(3a), 96Jun(1a), 96Aug(2a), 96Oct(7a), 97Jan(4a), 97Mar(3a), 97Apr(3a), 97Jul(3a), 97Sep(5a), 97Dec(4a,5a), 98Mar(5a), 98May(9a), 98Jul(4a,7a), 99May(9a), 99Jul(3a,4a), 99Oct(4a), 00Jan(10a), 00Mar(3a,7a), 00May(8a), 00Oct(6a), 01Mar(3a), 02Jan(10a), 02Mar(11a), 03Jan(9a,12a), 03Mar(8a), 04Mar(6a,8a,9a,12a,13a), 04Jun(9a), 05Feb(5a,14a), 05Dec(5a), 06Dec(2a), 07Jun(7a), 08Jan(9a), 08Mar(4a), 08Aug(9a), 08Oct(8a), 09Dec(10a), 15Nov(4a), 19Nov(4a)

Tendril Articles Where Mentioned:

Story, Jim [also: Story, M/M] - 93May(1,4), 93Oct(1,1a,2), 94Feb(1,2,2a), 94May(2,2a), 94Oct(1,2,3), 95Feb(2,5), 95Apr(2,5), 95Jun(1,3,3a,4), 95Sep(2,3,5), 95Dec(3,4,7), 96Feb(1), 96Apr(1,2,5), 96Jun(1,1a,3), 96Aug(2,2a,5), 96Oct(1,3,4,7,7a), 97Jan(1,2,4,4a,5), 97Mar(3,3a), 97Apr(3,3a,8), 97May(2), 97Jul(1,3,3a), 97Sep(2,3,4,5,5a), 97Dec(4,4a,5,5a), 98Mar(1,2,4,5,5a,6), 98May(1,3,7,8,9,9a), 98Jul(1,4,4a,6,7,7a), 98Sep(1,3,4,5), 98Oct(2,4,6), 99Jan(1,4,4b,6,9,10), 99Mar(3,13,15), 99May(4,5,8,9,9a), 99Jul(3,3a,4,4a,7), 99Oct(4,4a,6,8,10,11), 00Jan(3,9,10,10a), 00Mar(3,3a), 00May(3,4,6,7,7a,8,8a, 15,15p), 00Jul(3), 00Oct(6,6a), 01Jan(8,9,11,12,12p), 01Mar(3,3a,4,5,6,9), 01May(1,2), 01Jul(1,1p), 01Oct(1,5,6,7), 02Jan(6,8,9,10,10a,12), 02Mar(1,11,11a), 02Jun(7,9,10), 03Jan(1,4,5,6,9,9a,12,12a), 03Mar(1,7,8,8a), 04Mar(1,6,6a,8,8a,9,9a,11,12,12a,13,13a), 04Jun(3,5,6,7,9,9a), 04Oct(10), 05Feb(5,5a,14,14a), 05Apr(3,10), 05Aug(10), 05Dec(2,5,5a,10), 06Feb(2,4), 06Jun(3), 06Aug(5), 06Dec(2,2a), 07Feb(3), 07Jun(5,7,7a), 07Dec(2), 08Jan(9,9a), 08Mar(4,4a), 08Jun(2,6), 08Aug(9,9a), 08Oct(3,4,8,8a,10,13), 08Dec(3,13), 09Feb(2), 09Apr(3), 09Jun(10), 09Aug(5,8,9), 09Oct(1,3,8,13), 09Dec(10,10a), 10Feb(4), 10Apr(1,4,8), 10Jun(4,6,11,13), 10Oct(1,9), 10Dec(4,9), 11Feb(8), 11Apr(7,8), 11Jun(11), 11Aug(1,11), 11Oct(1), 12Mar(1,9), 12May(13), 13Mar(2), 13May(6,8), 13Jul(2,3), 13Sep(2), 14Mar(7), 14Nov(4,6), 15May(5,8,8p), 16Jan(11), 16May(7,11), 16Jul(6), 16Sep(4,7), 17Jan(1,2), 17May(1,4,4g,4p), 17Jul(1), 17Nov(1) 18Jan(6) 18Mar(1), 18May(1), 19Jan(2), 19Mar(7), 19Jul(3), 19Nov(4,4a), 20Jan(4,6),20Mar(7), 20May(6), 20Jul(3p,6,7), 20Nov(1,4,7), 21Jan(1), 21Jul(2,2s), 21Nov(4)

Photos in Tendril:

Story, Jim - 00May(15p), 01Jan(12p), 01Jul(1p), 17May(4p), 20Jul(3p)

Biography in Tendril:

Story, Jim - 99Jan(4b)

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